Pern Cards

So, what is Pern Cards? It's a card site with a difference - it's there to send cards to characters! Send their writers a card telling them to have a Happy Hatching, condoling them on loss of a character or telling them you are sorry they were scored. Give someones inbox a surprise.... or just sit and stare at the artwork ;-)

New cards up - bring some seasonal joy to your Weyr with Turns End Cards

Most of the artwork on these pages was drawn by, and is copyright to, Vicky Orman and Tess Melton. Steal, and I personally will track you down and make your lives a misery as these two people are friends of mine and I am using their work with permission. However, both these people do occasionally do work to commision - get in touch with me at if you are interested and I will pass your name on. You can also find much of the work here at Arolos Clipart

Cards for every occasion on Pern you could think of! Cards for Hatchings and Impressions!

Cards to say thank you!

Cards to mourn the loss of a character Cards to celebrate Turns End


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